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Bellini ECN2 Kit 1 litro

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Bellini ECN2 Kit 1 litro


46,00 CHF 46,00 CHF 46.0 CHF

46,00 CHF

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ECN2 Home Processing Kit

ECN2 chemistry is used in the motion picture industry to process colour film stocks such as Kodak Vision films and the old Fuji Eterna & Reala motion picture films.


This kit contains:

•  Prebath 1 It ready to use and re-use

•  Chemical concentrates to make 1 It each of reusable: Developer, Stop Bath, Bleach and Fixer

•  Chemical concentrate to make up 21t of reusable final rinse / stabliser



Guide to Remjet removal within the ECN2 process:

With reference to the processing guide overleaf this is how to get rid of Remjet:

1- Add enough pre-bath to submerge all films in your tank for 45 seconds.

2- Wash until water runs clean and clear. Use gentlye agitation.

3 - Follow processing guide for steps: Develop, Stop, Bleach & Fix


5- Remove films form tank one at a time. Wash them under running water and use new soft cotton wool to wipe away any remaining traces of Remjet. Non-emulsion side only!

6- Stabilise in Final Rinse for about 30 second then hang to dry.

Weitere Informationen und Anleitungen findet man in unserer Sammlung von technischen Unterlagen.

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