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Ilford System 100 (1+3)

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Ilford System 100 (1+3)


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  • Heiland
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    A unique and effective system for multigrade printing

    The Heiland SPLITGRADE exposure system works by using the well known multigrade concept. However, instead of exposing your photographic paper by

    using just one color of light at a time, SPLITGRADE® exposures your image in two phases: first, using soft (yellow) light and then in quick succession, hard (magenta) light. This allows for infinitesimal nuances of contrast control which is simply not possible by using the single color exposure method. Plus, SPLITGRADE works as a "closed-loop" system ..once you have "read" the light of the projected negative with the unit's sensor-probe, it tells itself which colors to use and suggests an exposure time!

    More time for Fine Art printing

    The unique measuring method and extensive features of SPLITGRADE simplifies and accelerates the making of Fine Art prints. Up to 30 multigrade photographic papers are pre-calibrated and stored in the SPLITGRADE memory**. This ensures the appropriate exposure and paper contrast grade selection for your particular negative. Extensive features guarantee a precise working procedure. Using SPLITGRADE means getting to your "first 'good' print" faster, thus saving time for creative art work.

    How does it work?

    There are four simple steps to create an image:

    1. Switch on the focus light, compose and focus your image, then choose your working f-stop.

    2. Using the SPLITGRADE® probe, "read" the projected image of the negative on the baseboard by an all-over scanning action. In the few seconds this takes, you will have measured all the highlight and shadow areas of your negative.

    3. Switch off the focus light. SPLITGRADE® will have already calculated a suggestion for an exposure time and paper contrast grade setting and put these settings into place, ready for your exposure. You can change these settings at any time, as you please.

    4. Press the "expose" button and SPLITGRADE® jumps into action, exposing your image by using its unique two phase / two color method.

    Future support and individual usage

    SPLITGRADE® can be updated** — even after years of use. Calibrations for newly available photographic papers or additional functions can be installed by using a PC and our free update service.

    The SPLITGRADE® control unit is available in a version for manual filter selection and around 30 other versions with automatic filter selection and a shutter adapted to numerous enlargers. Our LED cold light source can also be installed.



    1: Controller, Messzelle, Fussschalter, Kabel

    2: Filtermodul oder Kopf, wird vom Kunden selber installiert

    3: Umbau eines kundenseitig beigestellten Halogen-Beleuchtungskopf

    4: Elektronisches Interface zur Ansteuerung der Kaltlichtquelle / des Vergrösserers

    5: Halogen-Beleuchtungskopf mit Splitgrade Modul, Adapter, Transformator 12V / 100W

    6: Heiland LED-Kaltlichtquelle mit Adapter

    Weitere Informationen und Anleitungen findet man in unserer Sammlung von technischen Unterlagen.

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