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Jollylook Pinhole SQUARE DIY Camera Kit (natural wood)

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Jollylook Pinhole SQUARE DIY Camera Kit (natural wood)


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    Journey into the world of pinhole photography: Build, understand, and use your vintage SQUARE format instant film camera with bellows!

    Introducing Jollylook Pinhole SQUARE: The Instant Film Camera DIY Kit!

    It’s a functional camera. It’s a project. It’s a puzzle. It’s a model all in one. 

    The Jollylook Pinhole SQUARE is an innovative, eco-friendly DIY kit that lets photography enthusiasts create their own instant film camera from scratch. Designed with the vintage aesthetics and the charm of classic photography, this kit aims to make the process of camera-building and picture-taking a hands-on, educational, and enriching experience.

    Key Features:

    - Unique Pinhole Mechanism: Bypass traditional lenses and focus light using a minuscule pinhole for dreamy, standout images.

    - Eco-friendly & Sustainable: Made from durable, recyclable materials like FSC-certified plywood. It is painted with natural oils, waxes, and renewable plant-based materials.

    - High-Quality Imagery: Despite its DIY nature, expect professional-grade, captivating photos.

    - Compact & Portable: Ideal for on-the-move snapshots and creative photography sessions.

    - Comprehensive Kit: Comes with all essential parts and a step-by-step video guide, ensuring a smooth assembly process.

    - Assembly Time: 120 min

    - Assembly Complexity: 4,5/5

    This project is not just a DIY kit but an educational journey, a nod to the rich history of photography, and an exploration of the joy of creating something with your own hands. It's a perfect gift for photographers, hobbyists, students, educators, and anyone who appreciates the intersection of art and science.

    The Kit Includes:

    Paper bag with camera parts - 8 Pcs.

    Handmade artificial leather bellows - 1 pcs.

    Fresnel lens (Viewfinder) - 1 pcs.

    Pinhole with 0.38 mm diameter - 1 pcs.

    Manual development mechanism (includes metal crank) - 1 pcs.

    Felt light shield - 2 pcs.

    6 mm Assembly Screws - 48 pcs.

    Silicon parts for locks - 7 pcs.

    Wooden locks - 5 pcs.

     Standard 1/4" tripod nut - 1 pcs.

     Natural wax - 1 pcs.

     Fine-grain sandpaper - 1 pcs.

    Spare parts - 5 pcs.

    Instruction manual - 1 pcs.

    Not Included: Screwdriver Phillips PH0, Instax Mini Film Cassette

    The Jollylook Pinhole SQUARE camera uses the popular Fujifilm's Instax SQUARE film, allowing you to witness the magic of a photo developing right in front of your eyes. The camera's design allows for manual exposure control, giving users the freedom to adjust to different lighting conditions for the perfect shot.

    Assembled Camera Specifications:

    - Dimensions Folded: 80 x 110 x 145 mm (3,1 x 4.3 x 5.7 inch)

    - Dimensions Unfolded: 208 x 110 x 145 mm (8,1 x 4.3 x 5.7 inch)

    - Material: Biodegradable Natural Wood Fiber

    - Color: Stained Brown/Natural Wood

    - Pinhole Diameter: 0.38 mm

    - Versatile Focal Length: 50 to 110 mm

    - Compatible Film: Fujifilm Instax Square

    - Image Development: Manual operation

    - Photo Size: 62 x 62 mm (2.4 x 2.4 inch)

    - Power Supply: n/a, Fully Mechanical

    - Weight: 500  g.

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