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Photography Log Book

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Photography Log Book


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    If you love film photography then you will love this Photography Log Book. Record information for every shot you capture in the Log Book from shutter speed to filters, aperture and more. Use the Log Book to improve your skills and have more fun with your film photography.The Log Book has tables designed for cameras that use 35mm film (135). Plus notes to help you get the most from the Photography Log Book. Each page/table holds information for 12 exposures. There are sufficient pages to capture 288 exposures - equivalent to 12 rolls of 24 exposure films.Take the book with you and record the vital information so that you can review your results when the film is developed. Use this log to improve your photography skills and understand better how to use your film cameras.Makes a great gift for any Film Photographer. Capture exposure information for every shot you makeOptimised tables for 35mm cameras - 12 rows per page.Sufficient pages to capture 288 exposures - equivalent to 12 rolls of 24 exposure films.Additional pages for notes and references.Handy guide and suggestions to help you get the most from the Log Book.Review and improve your photography skills.Add the exposure info to your photos when uploaded to websites and social media.A great gift for film photographers.

    Einbandart                Kartonierter Einband

    Erscheinungsjahr    2020

    Seiten                        34 Seiten

    Sprache                    Englisch

    Masse                        Breite 152 mm, Höhe 229 mm,     

    Dicke                 2 mm

    Gewicht            67 g

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