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The Film Developing Cookbook - Troop Bill & Anchell Steve

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The Film Developing Cookbook - Troop Bill & Anchell Steve


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    The Film Developing Cookbook

    "The authors have compiled from sources ordinary and obscure a treasure-trove of information from the everyday to the experimental, all of it useful and interesting. Over the years following the first edition I have used this book as a guide for exploratory refinements to all processes in my darkroom. 60 new pages add new techniques, new formulas, and explanation of the mysteries of development." Gordon Hutchings, author, The Book of Pyro"This book is the most essential piece of darkroom equipment. It contains many of the best formulae - and the most useful information - from the entire history of photography. I only wish it had been published 53 years ago when I first fell in love with the darkroom."John Wimberley, Photographer"This indispensable book, the 2nd edition of The Film Developing Cookbook, is a mine of authoritative, interesting and practical information about every aspect of film and its processing. A ?must buy? book for darkroom fans of all levels."Tim Rudman. Fine Art Photographer and Printer, AuthorPraise for the Previous Edition:"This is an original, personal treatment of a complex technical subject. The author takes some unconventional positions, but his grasp of the underlying science is sound"T.H. James, author of The Theory of the Photographic Process"This elegant, user-friendly book clearly provides the photo-chemical information necessary for the photographer to be in control of his or her black and white film developing. I cannot praise the writing and design of The Film Developing Cookbook highly enough."Journal of the Print World"?this is a very important publication for every fan of the darkroom. You'll learn huge amounts of stuff about photographic processes." -

    ISBN/GTIN: 978-1-138-20487-4
    Produktart: Buch
    Erscheinungsjahr: 2019
    Auflage: 2. A.
    Seiten: 224 Seiten
    Sprache: Englisch
    Masse: Breite 178 mm, Höhe 254 mm
    Illustrationen: Farb., s/w. Abb.

    Bill Troop is the principal author of The Film Developing Cookbook, widely considered to be the standard contemporary work on black and white film processing and chemistry. As a photo chemist, he has designed many products including TF-4, the first commercially available alkaline fixer for black and white film and papers. In technology he was the first writer to champion RAID systems for personal computers, and he has designed several typefaces. Steve Anchell has taught digital and darkroom classes at Oregon State University, and has conducted workshops since 1979 at institutions such as the International Center for Photography, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, and UCLA. He is the author of The Darkroom Cookbook, The Variable Contrast Printing Manual, and Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera.


    Index of Formulas

    CHAPTER 1 - Developer Categories
    CHAPTER 2 - Films
    CHAPTER 3 - Developer Ingredients
    CHAPTER 4 - Development Procedures
    CHAPTER 5 - Solvent Developers (Fine Grain)
    CHAPTER 6 - Non-solvent Developers (High Definition)
    CHAPTER 7 - Super-fine Grain Developers
    CHAPTER 8 - Tanning Developers
    CHAPTER 9 - Special Developers
    CHAPTER 10 - Increasing Film Speed
    CHAPTER 11 - Document Films
    CHAPTER 12 - After Development Processes 1:Stop Baths
    CHAPTER 13 - After Development Processes 2: Fixing, Washing, Drying
    CHAPTER 14 - After Development Processes 3: Advanced Fixer Topics
    CHAPTER 15 - After Development Processes 4: Image Permanence

    I: Reference Formulas
    II: Mixing Solutions
    III: Chemical Safety
    IV Henn?s Forgotten Suggestions for D-25 and Microdol

    Developing Time Chart
    Temperature Conversion Chart



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