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SantaColor 100 135-36 (1 Roll)

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SantaColor 100 135-36 (1 Roll)


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    Brand: Kodak

    The film is a fine-grain, colour negative film compatible with the C41 process, yielding results with punchy reds and lush greens. It is more saturated than the Kodak Portra series, but less saturated and with a longer contrast curve than Kodak Ektar 100.

    The film material is made in the USA and hand-spooled into reused canisters in Finland at the facilities of

    • Film type: Colour negative, air surveillance derived

    • Film speed: 100 ISO

    • Colours: Highly colour accurate with slightly increased red sensitivity. When scanned, typically on the warmer side and sometimes on the redder side.

    • Grain: Very fine, but made to create very sharp pictures as it is an air surveillance film

    • Exposure latitude: Wide, with acceptable results from 25 ISO to 800 ISO (with pulling and pushing)

    • Manufacturing: Freshly made in 2022, in the USA and hand spooled in Finland

    • DX coding: No, but most cameras with DX readers default to ISO 100 - the film is therefore totally useable in Point and shoot cameras.

     Processing and scanning:

    • Process: Normal C41, can also be cross processed in E6 for relatively nice positives (exposed at 100 ISO)

    • Compatible with Minilabs and other industrial processing: Yes

    • Base: Mostly clear, slightly orange base. Not directly compatible with the RA4 process

    • Due to the thinner, clearer base, we recommend you load the film indoors, and definitely not in direct sunlight as this might lead to light leaks on the first frames

    • Scanning: Due to the clearer base, some scanners are confused by the film and give a very red image. This is easily correct when home scanning or when done by a good lab.

    • RA4 Printing: The clear film base requires an additional filter to be compatible with the RA4 process. The easiest way of doing this is to process a strip of unexposed C41 colour negative film and use that as an additional filter to yield normal printing results.





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