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FERRANIA P30 135-36

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FERRANIA P30 135-36

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    FERRANIA P30 135/36

    • 80 ISO
    • 35mm format
    • 36 exposures per roll
    • Panchromatic

    P30 is newly produced film based on the historic cinema formula of the mid-20th century. In normal use, P30 has an entirely unique character, with strong contrast showing rich shadows and detailed highlights.


    1. Use a manual camera
    Ferrania P30 is not DX coded. As such, we highly recommend using a fully manual 35mm camera - or at least a camera that gives you some control over either ISO, aperture or shutter speed. Cameras with no manual ISO setting may make P30 difficult to use.

    3. Shoot at 80 ISO
    We firmly recommend shooting this film at the box speed of 80 ISO.

    If you want to shoot at another ISO, please do, but we suggest using +/- exposure compensation instead of a different ISO. Whatever you choose to do, make sure your lab has this PDF and your notes in order to process the film correctly.

    4. Hand processing is best
    P30 is a unique film, and we have found hands-on processing to yield the most consistent results. Listed below are developers and techniques we recommend for a small tank environment.

    5. Lab processing is ok, too
    This document includes recommendations for Lab Processing, as well as extended input from our community.

    If your lab does not know our film, make sure they have this PDF or have them contact us directly at .


    Weitere Informationen und Anleitungen findet man in unserer Sammlung von technischen Unterlagen.

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