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Ilford MGFB 1K 12.7 x 17.8 cm 100 sheets glossy


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This new product replaces MULTIGRADE IV FB FIBER.

Ilford MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC has been designed for the creative printer wanting neutral image colour, great clarity and a good response to toners. This is a premium quality, variable contrast, black and white photographic paper, coated onto a 255g/m2 fibre base.

Ilford MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC is a variable contrast paper, with high quality features. The base tint is neutral if the print is viewed in daylight or fluorescent light. MULTIGRADE IV FB fiber is part of the ILFORD MULTIGRADE system and is fully compatible with MULTIGRADE filters and equipment for printing.


  • Weight: 255/m2
  • Fiber base
  • Available in two different surface: glossy (1K) and matt (5K)



All the enlarger are suitable. Can be used with the common security lights for black and white papers. It's recommended the use of security lights ILFORD, as it is very bright but completely safe. This lamp can be used with MULTIGRADE IV RC and many other black and white paper. For direct lighting, not expose paper for more than 4 minutes. You have to keep a minimum distance from the light of 1.2 m/4ft.


MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC is a fast exposure darkroom paper. The product has a short induction time of around 20 seconds for image appearance during processing; there is a closer speed relationship between grades; more uniform grade separation; sharp images; an extended low contrast at soft filtrations (00 end); a 50% reduction in wash times to save on water; whilst retaining all the handling and filtration during processing that you have come to expect from traditional MULTIGRADE FB papers. It is also suitable for use in all types of darkroom enlargers. It is compatible with most safelights designed for black and white papers with a cut off no lower than 580nm. It is also fully compatible with the ILFORD chemistry range as well as the ILFORD optimum permanence wash sequence.




Development: Ilford MULTIGRADE FB Classic can be treated in any development for black and white paper. For development times and dilutions of chemicals, follow the instructions provided in the datasheets.

Stop Bath: the use of a stop bath is strongly recommended. This bath stops development immediately, reduces stains and prolong the life of the fixer bath.

Fixation: Ilford MULTIGRADE FB Classic can be treated in any fixer for paper. For treatment times and dilutions, follow the instructions given in the datasheets of the fixer used. Do not extend the treatment beyond the recommended time, to avoid compromising the image quality.

Washing: Wash prints in running water for 30-45 minutes.Using Ilford WASHAID you can wash only for 5 minutes (folow the datasheet).

The standard fixing and washing recomandations are good to have prints stable over time, for all commercial need.
If you need the best permanence for archivial storage of print, is recommended the use of Ilford WASHAID. To have the optimum permanence, is recommended the selenium toner (follow the datasheet).

Storage: store unused Ilford MULTIGRADE FB Classic paper in a cool, dry place in its original packaging.

Note: Photographic chemicals are not hazardous when used correctly. Always follow the health and safety recommendations on the packaging.


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